Webinar on SEO & SEM by Founders of MarketingBeku @CMS Business School – JAIN University

Marketing Beku founders had an opportunity to engage with aspiring marketing students from CMS Business School – Jain University.

It was a very interactive session and many doubts about digital marketing and career in digital marketing were discussed.

Honnu(Co-Founder) who is a Google Ads and Social Media expert explained the practical application of Google Ads to the students. She explained how various factors such as quality score, negative keywords & landing page Optimisation, etc can be used to reduce Cost and increase CTR

Madhusudan(Co-Founder) who is an SEO Geek and digital marketing strategist explained the importance of SEO and why every digital marketer should know the basics of SEO! He explained various topics related to SEO and stressed or not using SEO tools at the beginning of the Keyword research phase.

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