3 Simple Tips to Make Your Jewelry Instagram Page Stand Out!

The biggest currency over the photo application Instagram is likes and comments on your post.

When you get a good number of likes on your post the application ranks you higher in the news feeds of your followers.

Certain points are most important if you are starting a jewelry page over social media. 

The new algorithm has been lately introduced to focus more on the quality of the post than its quantity. 

Hence, now it doesn’t matter how many posts you make in a day – it’s more important how well the posts are designed! if you cannot manage your social media, then it may be difficult for you to get good recognition on the platform. 

Here are 3 important factors to consider while posting jewelry image on social media.

1. High-quality picture attracts everyone:

Use High quality images for social media

70% of the audience trust the photograph for purchasing any product online

Hence it becomes important that you post an attractive and high-quality picture on your social media sites. 

It seems to be an obvious point when it comes to posting content. 

But to your surprise, most people don’t follow this crucial instruction. 

You don’t need to have a DSLR to post great pictures on your Instagram or to attract the audience to get yourself a good number of engagement. 

But that does not mean you can post a picture that isn’t even clear enough for the viewers. 

To get yourself a post-worthy picture you need to have a good and modern smartphone and good lighting. Get your photo with the right focus.

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2. Use Grids on your Instagram:

Use Instagram grid for social media

Promoting your posts is not wrong at all, this brings more and more people known to your post. 

Instagram is the second most logged-in social media application, which makes it a perfect place for advertising your jewelry.

Instagram gives you numerous ways of presenting your products attractively to your customers. You can use grids to showcase and advertise your jewelry and the products. 

3. Use a color theme for the Instagram page

Have a color theme for Instagram page

Try to translate your profile visitors into your followers by attracting them with your good feed. 

Businesses like jewelry designing and making are solely concentrated on the looks. 

The more users find it attractive the more chances of purchase. 

You can use your brand theme color for your photos, it gives a premium and uniform look to your feed. 

This may attract the viewers who view your profile. However, make sure that you post pictures of jewelry and the filters do not provide a monotonous look to your feed. 

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