How Is Digital Marketing a Boon for Startups

How is Digital Marketing a Boon For Startups?

Every day thousands of ideas take a start in the marketplace. There are hundreds of startups getting launched every day in the market. A long line and a huge crowd mean heavy strong competition.

Hundreds of long-standing, reputed companies and millions of marketing campaigns all are competitors of the new ones in the market. 

For any startup, the best thing for marketing is effective marketing and better campaigns as compared to the old ones. With a limited budget, which most of the small businesses have, you have to flourish the best possible campaign you can to bring out a remarkable position in the market. 

Digital Marketing

Starting with the very basics of finance, digital marketing is a cost-effective method of promoting your business.

Comparing the budget of print ads, television ads and other things can cost you thousands of dollars, while online advertisement is a comparatively cheaper source of promotion. 

Along with the financial aid digital marketing provides you with various other benefits which help new small businesses to flourish. 

1. Affordable Customer Research

It becomes really important for startups to research their customers. It helps you to understand exactly what your customers want from you and develop a healthy relationship with the company.

You can use technology to figure out which product and demographic works for your business. You don’t need to waste your time and money on “hit and try” to learn the best-suited campaign for you. 

With different digital marketing strategies for startups, you can choose to have inexpensive research on your customers. Once you know what exactly your customers want it becomes easy for you to serve them with the exact product. 

2. Higher Engagement

Social Media help grabs a lot of publicity with a single post. However, with the increase in the usage of social media, there is a rapid growth in the promotional pages as well.

Some people opt for some paid promotions which sometimes do not give them positive feedback but there are numerous ways in which you can get free promotions and increase your discovery rate at the platform.

The best way to promote your page and brand is to increase the engagement of clients between you and your business. The higher the engagement the better and healthier is the relationship between you and them. 

Once you develop the relationship it becomes easy for the company to keep its client and increase brand loyalty.

3. Analytics For Success

The use of digital marketing strategies in India has brought a revolutionary change in getting the live metrics for the startup. 

For instance, it becomes really difficult to guess the number of newspaper readers who looked at a print ad. However, it is easy and faster to know how many viewers are interacting with your advertisement using digital marketing tools. 

Analytics is a major source of success for the brand. It helps you analyze your campaigns and know which one suits your business and is famous among your clients.

4. Starting The Right Approach

While creating startup marketing strategies, companies need to have a well-defined approach carefully, digital marketing allows a variety of aspects to integrate and then use for the betterment of your company. 

Among the other methods available for digital marketing, the startup can use some of the following elements:

a. Website development

a desk with a laptop and monitor on it

A website is a very basic need for starting your business. Every business has its website that acts as a landing page for all its campaigns and offers. 

It allows the customers to access your brand from internet-enabled devices. The websites also increase brand authority and help you attract more audience to your products. 

b. Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Another effective method of promoting and marketing is video marketing. Visions have the best impact on humans. Hence, video marketing is the best method to promote your business.

People tend to be attracted by the live example and display of your product in use. Video marketing could be used in a similarly creative manner to develop an easy and progressive marketing strategy.

5. Mobile Optimization

With the constant change in search engine technology, online platforms are constantly evolving. The basic website method has now become an old age practice. 

Hence, it becomes necessary that your websites and applications are mobile-optimized, all the startups have adopted mobile optimization strategies.

Your website should be mobile optimized so that it becomes easy to navigate between pages using your internet-enabled devices. 

Another major reason for mobile optimization is that mobile search is often in large portions as compared to desktop. Mainly because people rarely use the desktop for shopping purposes.

If your websites are not mobile optimized then they will not rank high in the search engines. 

6. SEO

a person holding a tablet in their hand and using search engine

There were old estimations that SEO is dying however they are equally important for websites. Google keeps updating its websites from time to time. 

As long as these search engines are present there will be some way to determine the topic and ranking of the website. 

7. Content Marketing

a laptop and a notepad on top of a wooden table

Do you remember the ads in the newspapers?

Each time when a company plays an advertisement in the newspaper they have to pay an additional fee to the authority to have it placed in the newspaper. 

In comparison to this, content marketing is a relatively cheaper and better method of marketing a business continuously. 

Content marketing is a long-duration investment, that is once you post your content online, it continues to attract an audience online. The sites can be updated with time as well. 

Content marketing does not solely mean creating texts and posting them online. It also includes GIFs, memes and images, and all forms of startup content strategy.

8. Pay Per Click Ads

Pay Per Click

With the continuous evolution of the market, the popularity of the pay per click has relatively decreased. 

Readers often skip ads which further decreases the reach of this kind of strategy. However, ads can still be useful, pay per click is a good method of increasing your website ranking in Google. It brings additional new clients and attracts huge traffic to your business. 

For example, Google often places ads at the top of the results. Often customers miss seeing the Ad tag with them and visit the site. This helps the business owner increase their sale and traffic on the site. 

9. Higher Conversion Rate

Conversion rates are noticed to exponentially rise with the usage of digital marketing.

Some startups on the contrary believe that digital marketing does not work to generate leads, but the reason behind this is they do not know how to optimize their conversion rates properly. 

Social media platforms can be a good method to bring people to the website. There should be an option given to the customers to subscribe to the channel, but all this will not create a sale if your website is not optimized. 

There should be a subscription to your emails and website so that you could provide offers and other notifications to your clients and attract them to your business and products. 

Adding a call-to-action button also helps you optimize your website. It helps the customer in easy signing up and makes it simpler for the website visitor to become a paying client.

10. Modern Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the most modern method of marketing, the traditional methods of marketing that included door to door visits have comparatively fewer results as compared to digital marketing   

Digital Marketing is competitively cheaper as compared to the older methods. Depending on the business and company, the cost of the marketing varies.

11. Track ROI

Another major benefit of using digital marketing strategies for small businesses is the track of the outcome from your investment. 

Budgets are the most important thing for any startup business. Keep a track of all the investments you make on campaigns or any other plans. 

Earlier when marketers used to invest in setting up campaigns they invest in it at specific intervals and hence it becomes difficult for them to keep a track of the return they get.

Digital Marketing tools help you keep a track of the ROI and guide you about the investment you should make on campaigns.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing results in Growth

Digital marketing helps startups in: 

  • Boost brand visibility
  • Reduce budget
  • Increase Brand awareness
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Improve engagement
  • Increase sales
  • Generate leads


Various features make digital marketing a boon for startups. With the advancement of the generation and the advent of the digital era, it becomes necessary for every company to abide by the digital methods of promotion and working of the company. 

Digital marketing is the only method from where you can target a large group audience from all over the world. Thereby making it an important tool to increase the rate of profit of your start-ups. 

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