“How You Can Increase Facebook Engagement by 100% – Easily”

Increase in Facebook engagement by 100% and reach by 5 times.


One of the premium educational institutes in the country, providing distinguishable guidance to aspirants to succeed and serve the country.

Since its inception, the organisation has led the way in guiding them on their journey from aspirants to successful administrators, and continues to do so today.


Realizing limitations of the traditional marketing and fear of missing out in a highly competitive sector they engaged with Marketing Beku to enhance their online presence through Digital Marketing.

Our Process

Step 1 : Competitor Analysis

Its impossible to run any business without knowing your competitors.  

Our team made an in depth analysis on the competitors and the key parameters for competitive analysis includes:

a)     Content engagement:

Content engagement informs you what your audience is really concerned about based on how many interactions a piece of content gets.

Tracking engagement, combined with content distribution, allows you to compare the efficiency of your content strategy with your rivals.

b)     Audience growth:

Comparing the growth of followers on social media channels and also the website traffic in Google Analytics and with the use of premium paid tools, we were able to analyse where we stand against competitors.

Step 2 : SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis is a useful technique for understanding Strengths and Weaknesses, and for identifying both the Opportunities and Threats .

SWOT-Analysis for Education Industry

Data driven decisions

  1. Website optimization

Marketing Beku’s development team analysed the website to determine critical parameters hindering the growth.

The following were the major issues identified and how we approached it .

  • Page speed :

Consumers will leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load. All the data pertaining to page speed and customer abandonment support this idea.


Our team at Marketing Beku analysed the website and identified bottlenecks that were impacting the performance of the website. By compressing images, minifying resources, we were able to increase the efficiency of the hosting servers in fetching the requested content. These were among the few changes which were made to increase page speed.

  • Bounce rate :

Content is anything that adds value to the reader’s life. Bounce rate depicts the percentage of visitors leaving your website immediately after arriving which can impact on the Search Engine Rankings (SEO).


It’s not just about getting traffic it’s all about getting the relevant and targeted traffic.

To reduce bounce rate its essential to provide quality content and providing meaningful and relevant experiences to users (UX).

Marketing Beku identified too many primary menu bars on the home page, users found it very difficult to find the exact information needed. Our UX team redesigned the site structure and created single navigational menu, which enhanced visitors to navigate unambiguously.

Page load time optimization also had an impact on reducing bounce rate.

Creating landing page with relevant call to action enabled us to achieve lowest bounce rate, better user engagement and high conversion ratio

  1.  Social Media Optimization

The correlation between social signals and ranking position is extremely high. Social media may not be a ranking factor for Google, but it can amplify the ranking factors that Google does consider.


Choosing the right social media platform is essential to increase the market reach and to have better online presence. 

Analyzing the trend helped Marketing Beku to identify the following mediums and the marketing strategy was built around the same.

– Facebook

As Facebook and Instagram are interactive platforms for sharing pictures of events, lectures, student activities, and academic programs. Facebook offers the ad targeting services in the market which allows us to reach our well defined audience. Location, interests and connections are few of the parameters used to build an online presence.

– Instagram

Instagram offers hashtags that can be added to the posts to achieve better visibility for our posts.

– Twitter

Twitter has its own version of analytics which enables us to view metrics such as engagement rates, retweets, likes and ‘impressions’ to help analyse what content is generating a higher response from the followers.

– Telegram 

Telegram as a marketing channel tool comes handy in content distribution to large audiences since they assist individuals or brands to stay in direct contact with their followers. This way, we could be sure that the client had visibility on different platforms.

– YouTube

YouTube being the second largest search engine with video views worth more than 60 billion hours a month, it is no surprise that YouTube can also used as an effective digital marketing platform.
  1. SEO for organic reaches

SEO influences different aspects of the user experience. 

Site’s speed, web design, high quality content, mobile-friendliness are some of the parameters that can impact user experience. After all, search engines gauge the overall user experience and decide if the site is the best result to show.

Tactically, we used a mix of link-building techniques to help our client rank higher for relevant keywords, and leveraged social media to connect with new users who had a high likelihood of being interested in their new individualized education programs.

Now, let’s talk results!

Social Media Marketing and the phenomenal increase in engagement and traffic!

When brands post frequently with little engagement, Facebook’s algorithm will less frequently show posts from that brand.

Part of our strategy was to post brand relevant content which results in better post engagement. It is evident how posting more engaging content can impact in increasing organic reach of the post.

The below image shows how posting more engaging content increased brand reach.

Knowing how to utilize paid traffic, we got significant reach and conversions in a very short amount of time. In less than 3 months, we were successful in increasing post engagement by 100% and Facebook reach by 5 times.

We saw a 458% increase in post reach for the period of one month, between August and September.

MarketingBeku Casestudy Facebook Post Reach

Now looking directly at the results, we were able to generate a total reach of over 222,000 with 75% increase in post engagements and 55% increase in page views.

MarketingBeku Casestudy Facebook Post Engagement
MarketingBeku Casestudy Facebook Post View

Conclusion :

John Wanamaker, famous advertising pioneer once said ‘Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.’

Our client had spent about 2,00,000 in traditional marketing, and with a limited budget of 6,000, Marketing Beku was able to accomplish the desired objective effectively.

The truth is, digital marketing can help us get a return on our marketing budget at a fraction of the cost that was spent on traditional marketing.

Marketing Beku implemented a strategy based program on the site to make the website more visible and to increase the conversion rate.

It was a combination of a three-month dedicated social media campaign focusing on Facebook and Instagram and six months of link building that led to an increase in Google search rankings plus brand exposure.

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