Doubled Conversion Rate From 30% To 60% For A Home Cleaning Service Company

A four-part approach that included in-depth research, strategy development, improving user experience and running paid ads campaigns

Client Is An Award-Winning Home Service Provider Company.

They Provide Home-Based Services Like Home Cleaning, Painting, Pest Control, Marble Polish, Sanitization And Many More & provide service In Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai And Many More Cities

The Goal

Client Wanted To Grow The Traffic To The Service Pages And, More Importantly, Capture Traffic That Would Lead To Conversions And Revenue. They Wanted To Unlock Digital Marketing As A New Performance Channel To Complement Their Other Channels.


In A Competitive Market For Providing Home Services, You Have To Think Of Something Out Of The Box To Stand Out From The Crowd.

“Should We Focus On Running Paid Ads Showcasing Our Usps, Should We Focus On Influencer Marketing, Or Shall We Focus On Content Marketing?”

We Had Various Options, But None Of Them Would Have Been Effective If We Hadn’t Improved The User Experience.

That’s Where The MarketingBeku Team Come In.


MarketingBeku Followed A Four-Step Process To Diagnose And Implement The Right Strategy To Grow Client Traffic To The Service Pages And Increase Conversions –

  1. Research
  2. Strategy
  3. Production
  4. Promotion

MarketingBeku Team Did Competitor Research And Conducted A Swot Analysis (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities And Threats)

We Found That Compared To Our Client, Services Charged By Other Companies Are Very High, And The Landing Page User Experience Was Very Average.

“Interaction Is The Essence Of All User Experiences. It Is The Conversation Between Your Product And Your User, And If The Conversation Is Boring, Your User Will Leave And Talk To Someone More Interesting.”

~ Uxpin Team

The MarketingBeku Team Found How We Could Improve Traffic And Conversions And Started Making The User Experience On The Service Pages Better.

Once The Service Pages Were Ready, We Started Leveraging The Paid Ads Campaigns.

While Conversions Were The Goal, The Team Also Included Relevant Keywords With High Search Volume And Low Purchase Intent To Help Them Capture More Traffic.


In 6 Months, The MarketingBeku Team Increased The Conversion Rate From 30% To 60%

As It Can Be Seen In The Above Graph How There’s Been An Increase In The Conversion Rate.

Here Are Some Of The Steps Which We Took To Increase The Traffic And The Conversion Rate –

✅Checked The Loading Speed Of The Page And Optimized The Speed. (Nobody Likes A Slow-Loaded Web Page)

✅Added WhatsApp Button So That Users Can Ask Their Queries To Help Make The Purchase Decision Easier.

✅Improving The Structure Of The Service Page. A CTA Button At The Top Of The Page Helps Users Navigate Easily.

✅We Showcased The Awards And Happy Customer Testimonials To Build Trust With The Users.

✅We Ensured That We Highlighted All The USPs On The Service Page To Stand Out From The Competitors.

✅We Ensured That All The CTA Buttons Were Properly Placed And All Current Live Offers Were Visible To Our Users.

This is What the Current Google Ads Data Looks Like

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