3x Website Traffic in 6 Months for Education Lead Generation

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Running a coaching institute and feeling like your website traffic resembles a ghost town? 

You’re not alone! 

In today’s competitive education landscape, attracting the right students online can feel like pulling teeth. 

But imagine this: tripling your website traffic in just 6 months and doubling your organic leads as well. 

Sounds too good right?

At MarketingBeku, we were able to deliver just this for one of our educational institute clients by utilizing the power of SEO


MarketingBeku, the agency’s USP, is laser-focused on generating quality organic traffic that seamlessly converts into enrolled students.  

The objective was to increase organic traffic to improve brand awareness and generate leads.

This case study showcases how we achieved a remarkable 3x website traffic growth in just 6 months, all without building any backlinks.

Major Challenge Faced by the client in terms of getting organic traffic.

Even after putting in the hard work and creating over 100 blogs in-house, our client hit a roadblock. Their organic traffic just wasn’t growing as expected. 

It made us take a step back, reassess our approach, and figure out how to turn things around. 

This case study will show how we tackled this challenge and managed to boost organic traffic successfully.

Strategy Implemented by MarketingBeku 

We started writing blogs on the keywords that were relevant to the client’s niche and industry. 

Since the website’s domain authority was comparatively low compared to other competitors, it was a challenge for us to rank for keywords with high search difficulty. 

So, we’ve taken the following steps to ensure we get traffic while maintaining the hygiene factor. 

a. Competitor analysis 

Checked out what our competition was up to and figured out where our client’s website could shine.

b. Complete website audit 

we conducted a comprehensive website audit as part of our strategy to boost our client’s online traffic. 

Through meticulous analysis of site structure, content, and SEO optimization, we identified areas for improvement, resulting in significant increases in user engagement and traffic acquisition.

c. Fixed technical and on-page errors 

For our clients, we diligently fixed technical and on-page errors, fine-tuning their websites for optimal performance. 

This involved addressing coding issues, improving page load speed, and optimizing meta tags to enhance both SEO and user experience. 

The result? A smoother, more search-friendly online presence that aligns seamlessly with their business goals.

d. Moving blog from subdomain to main domain 

The client had the blogs section in a subdomain, which resulted in traffic fragmentation. 

Therefore, we strategically moved the blog from the subdomain to the main domain for our client, optimized their website structure to consolidate content, boost SEO, and provide a cohesive user experience.

e. Implementing topic cluster  

Organized our content game by grouping it into topics, categories, and relevant clusters.

  • Defining pillar pages & clusters 

Implemented pillar pages and clusters for the client. 

Pillar pages are comprehensive, core content pieces covering a broad topic, while clusters consist of related, in-depth content linked to the pillar, enhancing SEO and providing a structured information hierarchy.

  • Defining categories 

Structured and organized content into categories for a client, enhanced their website navigation, and elevated the user experience by enabling users to easily locate pertinent information on the site.

f. Keyword research

  • Defining parent and child keyword

For the clients, we strategically defined parent and child keywords, laying the groundwork for a cohesive content strategy.

This involved identifying core terms (parents) and related variations (children), ensuring that our client’s online presence resonates with a diverse set of search queries. 

The result? A tailored approach that enhances visibility and relevance in their specific industry.

  • Defining search volume and difficulty 

Since the website’s domain authority was comparatively low from other competitors, it was a challenge for us to rank for keywords with high search difficulty. 

Therefore, we accepted the approach of using long-tail keywords and it WORKED! 

Mapping existing blogs to the keywords shortlisted – We seamlessly mapped the existing blogs to our carefully shortlisted keywords for a client, ensuring that each piece of content aligns with targeted search terms. 

By harmonising the existing material with our strategic keyword choices, we’ve maximized the discoverability of our client’s valuable insights and expertise.

g. Revamping old blogs & Start New blogs

  • Merge cannibalizing blogs

After publishing the blog, we found that the intent of a few blogs matched with each other.

Therefore, to avoid blog cannibalization issues, we merged the blogs with similar intent together and retained the URL of the highest-performing blog.

  • Content optimisation 

We made sure that the blogs we publish have at least 80% RankMath optimization, along with MarketingBeku’s checklist, before making the blog live.

h. Aligning blogs to focus on parent keywords – 

Made sure our blogs talked the talk on the main keywords, so they really stood out.

i. EEAT update 

Kept things legit with Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness, following the rules of the SEO game. 

We asked the CEO of the company to provide author speech text in between blogs to make it more EEAT optimised.

j. Interlinking 

Enhanced user navigation and SEO by strategically implementing interlinking across the website.

k. Infographics, images  

Incorporated engaging infographics and images to improve content visual appeal and user experience.

l. Programmatic SEO 

We implemented Programmatic SEO for our client to boost their online presence both locally and globally. 

This strategy enabled us to effortlessly generate thousands of website pages tailored to various keywords, eliminating the need for manual design, writing, and publishing.

The success of this approach was particularly evident in the creation of numerous location-specific pages, resulting in a substantial increase in Local as well as global traffic. 

Our commitment to leveraging Programmatic SEO not only streamlined the process of content creation but also significantly enhanced our client’s visibility and engagement on a global scale.


The outcome? A marked surge in traffic is evident.

By seamlessly integrating SEO tactics in the blogs with added finesse, we enhanced the quality of content and effectively captivated a more niche audience.

This increase in targeted traffic not only enhanced overall user engagement but also improved conversion rates which helped our client to gain more visibility.

GSC Traffic Growth

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Semrush Traffic Growth

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This case study’s success highlights our dedication to achieving real, meaningful results for our clients in the constantly changing digital landscape.

If you enjoyed the case study and are interested in implementing the strategy for your educational institution, you can find more details in our SEO for Education institution blog.

However, we also provide FREE CONSULTATIONS to anyone looking to up their online presence in this digital world.

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