NoBroker Forum Strategy to Drive Millions of Visitors 

No broker

“Nobroker drives a whooping 1.5M traffic/month to its website which is worth around 3 crore/month with this simple strategy!”

Nobroker Forum Strategy

Interested to know the strategy that drives crazy traffic? 

Let’s get started!

  1. Nobroker noticed that people had many questions about buying and selling real estate properties, so it launched a forum around 2020! – https://www.nobroker.in/forum/ 
Nobroker Forum Strategy - Buying and selling real estate properties.
Nobroker Forum Strategy - real estate discussion forum

2. The forum drives traffic of whooping 1.5M traffic/month!

Nobroker organic search - 1.5m

3. The overall domain receives 10M traffic/per month!

10M traffic/per month! Nobroker statergy

So the forum is contributing to 15% of the overall monthly traffic 🤯

3. Not just that, No broker is running Ads to the forum to drive traffic and create brand awareness!

Nobroker.com ads
Nobroker ads details

4. Now let’s see how are they monetising it!

Let’s take “How to change the name in property tax online” as an example – Here No broker is mainly targeting the top-of-the-funnel audience, who may eventually convert into customers.

monetising Nobroker forum

This blog alone has got 1,00,732 views in the span of 2 years.

And the blog gets around 284 monthly visitors 

1,00,732 views for single blog - nobroker forum

Now if we look at the answers closely, 

Nobroker forum startegy - Answer

There is a link to their No broker legal services page! 

No broker legal services page!

If someone is really facing a problem with changing their property name, they would contact the NB legal team for help (Money made!)

This pattern can be seen in multiple answers!

contacting the NB legal team - nobroker forum

One more way how the monetise the traffic is through Nobroker-related service banners.

Nobroker-related service banners

Again if somebody is looking to buy or sell, they would take up the services.

4. NoBroker has not stopped here yet! 

The forum questions which got good responses are converted into YouTube videos! (Smart!) –

Youtube videos of nobroker

And again from the videos, the link to the forum is provided in the description!

Youtube description of Nobroker

Driving traffic to the forum page and the monetisation continues!

Isn’t it amazing? from nobroker strategy you can drive millions of visitors and generate revenue in crores, if you are still confused, contact MarketingBeku for all your digital marketing needs and grow online.